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Being Gay is Hard for me. (2)

Am I in the closet? No.
Am I coming out? No.
But I’m never pretending to be straight and I don’t want to.
Back in the school, I’m not kind of sports guy. Because I’m too skinny for any sport. But I do like volleyball (and again I’m too short for that too). Btw I’m a runner and I doing good with that, beats a big guy with speed. Ha ha
I mostly spent my time in the library, I love reading, alone in my small world.

Being Gay is Hard for me. (1)

When I were young, I never thought that I might be gay. At school, I like to look at a guy who is older than me. At first, I think he’s my inspiration, but then I realize that I like his smell (:P). The way he smiles, the way he talks make me feel so good. That’s the beginning of every things after.