Can I keep a secret?

That is the question I ask myself  repeatedly for a while now.

Do I have to come out? And how can I come out, since I have never been in.

It’s not like I’m hiding or something, but I don’t think I have to tell people either.

The question that bothers me so much is “Should I tell my mom?”

I have a feeling that maybe she already knew.

So it come back to the question “Can I keep a secret from my mom?”

To her, is it even a secret?


A boy likes a girl.

A boy likes a girl.

I didn’t. There was a time when your friends tried to pair you up with the girl (as a kid) and you played along.

Me too. I didn’t do that to hide my identity or something. I just didn’t realize I like boy at the time.

“That’s my girl. Back off” I told another boy who talked to the girl that they pair me with. It wasn’t serious though. It’s almost like a joke or for fun. We were just kids, we never be serious about any things.

It’s funny when I look back. If I can go back in time, I would say “It’s all right. Take her. I don’t care.”

Begins again.

Today, I made up my mind to quit university. 4 Years course turn into 12 years course. At this point, I kind of disappoint myself.

But I’m not giving up or something. I’ll enroll again. This time, It will be 4 years plan.

Hope I graduate before 30.

Yves Saint Laurent

‘Yves Saint Laurent’ Trailer

Director: Jalil Lespert

Starring: Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne, Charlotte Le Bon

A look at the life of French designer Yves Saint Laurent from the beginning of his career in 1958 when he met his lover and business partner, Pierre Berge.